About Me, Like a Boss

About Me

There is so much love in the languages… so much wisdom in the cultures of the world… one lifetime seems less to even scratch the surface to know a handful of them…

Languages connect people, helps people express and understand each another. Languages helps us share our feelings, enable us to share ideas, thoughts and express ourselves in unique and beautiful ways.

And Translators bring people and communities across the world closer, make communications happens,  appreciate other cultures. They’ve been and can still be a guiding force for lasting peace in this divided world,  if only one uses it right.

President Obama was once asked ( CBS interview with YouTubers on Jan22, 2015, by Bethany Mota) if he was to acquire one super-human power such as of a Superman for example… what would that power be?

And he said, he would like to be able to speak many languages, be able to talk to people in their language anywhere in the world…

This is such a profound ability to possess of love, of peace, of understanding and connecting with people of different cultures, regions, beliefs and systems. I so wish I have this power. To some extent I do, but with only the 3 languages I know.

And so when you do this with love, dedication and passion, you want to do more and more of it. This is what I realized when I started working as a translator.

It excites me to enable exchange of ideas, watch, listen and read about other cultures and communities,  enrich ourselves with their wisdom and expressions and feelings, connect with people and enhance understanding across the globe with the languages you know.

Do contact me if you too wish to connect with the world through English, Hindi & Punjabi, like the way I love too.

I work with Amara, Translators Without Borders and TedTalks for my love of the work they do. It is also about 20% of my work. Besides working with other amazing studios, companies and websites for paid work.