Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!

Grateful for Family and Friends

Today, this Thanksgiving Day, there are so many things that we are thankful for. We are so grateful for being blessed with the love of dear ones and the care and never ending support of family. We cannot be thankful enough for the hand woven sweaters, the steaming hot dishes cooked to perfection, the warm cup of tea in the mornings, or the mouthwatering desserts made with love. All these little things that make life worthwhile.

One cannot be thankful enough for the companionship of friends even when they are far away in another country. One is gratified for the stranger’s smiles, the crisp winter breeze, the yummy chocolate treats, the warm hugs, the music that takes all your cares away, even for the cold showers that remind you of the warm rain back home. Living in Seattle for almost seven years now, we are thankful for this wonderful experience. We have been blessed with so many wonderful friends, have come across great teachers for our kids in all of their schools, some of whom have left a lasting impact on us.

We are forever indebted for the smiles cheering up our day and for the achievements of our kids. Whether they be Math Kangaroo scores, Nano degrees and courses, the great musical performance of our daughter, or her YouTube video reaching ten thousand views.

Thankful for my Translation work & community

My post will not be complete if I do not convey my thanks to TED Talks and Translators without Borders, who have opened a whole new world for me. Life seems much more worthwhile now.

I am also indebted to the so many translation agencies I work with today, and the industry in general, that helps connect the world, share ideas of love, peace, joy, entertainment, education, awareness, emotional and legal support, global issues, human rights, and many others…

Needless to say it includes all the so many translators who work tirelessly to make all this happen. And a special thanks for my fellow TED translators who are now a matter of joy for me forever with their kindness, thought, spirit and friendship.

We are thankful for the glorious wonders of nature and for all the Lord has blessed us with! Even in days of darkness, He has shown us a silver lining. He brings up the rainbow when the going gets tough and assures us of His presence. Can one ask for anything more? Just that He may continue to enlighten the world with His unseen love and guidance. May peace and non-violence prevail !

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all !

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