Phil Mitchell@ TEDx Mile High-ER house call

Phil Mitchell @ TEDx Mile High

 An innovative idea for the betterment of society has been presented by Phil Mitchell @ TEDx Mile High. Just imagine, feeling really sick and not knowing what to do. But according to Dr. Mitchell’s ER house call, all you have to do is call a number and the person on the other end of the line will be there to help you through your crisis. He will ask your symptoms and also have full access to your medical records. He will be qualified enough to tell you if you can be treated at home or will need to move to the hospital. Not only this, a fully equipped ER will be at your door within no time. It will be from the comfort of your own home that things like stitches, IV fluids will be taken care of. 


Ideal Model for Seniors

This model will be such a blessing for our seniors and frail and memory patients. They would find it much more convenient to be treated at home, in familiar surroundings, among loved ones, in their own cozy bed. No more endless waiting in the waiting room. They can stay snuggled in their favorite quilt with their fluffy pillows and their little pet by the bed. Won’t that be a luxury! The medical team will then consult the patient’s physician. Then together they will chart out a plan for the betterment of the patient.

Going to the hospital in an ambulance, having to spend a few days or even a few hours in an unknown place takes a heavy toll on the elderly. Besides, a whole lot of behavioral problems arise which take much longer to be resolved than the medical issue itself. Not to mention the threat of infection which always looms large.

Cost Reduction

As Phil points out in his talk, the experiment he did with ER house call in Denver led to a saving of huge amounts in ambulance and ER expenses. He wants to implement this model in a few cities and see the impact. Won’t it be awesome! I wish more doctors would think like him. They would be courageous enough to take the first step and adopt this in other countries too. It would really show amazing results.


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