Selected to attend TEDWomen 2017 as a TED Translator

TEDWomen 2017

I cannot thank the Lord enough for being so generous. You guessed it… I have been selected as one of the ten translators to attend TEDWomen 2017. I am so excited to be at the historic Orpheum Theater,  in New Orleans, LA. What an honor it is for me to witness another awesome event! It is indeed a blessing to meet some of the world’s most inspiring speakers! You are welcome to have a sneak peek at the translators who have been selected.

A look at the TED Translators selected to attend TEDWomen 2017

I am looking forward to the great event. It is an opportunity of a life time that has been bestowed upon me.

TED Talks and Me

My association with TED Talks started soon after we moved to the US. It was something totally new to me. It was amazing as to how speakers shared their life’s experiences. Moreover, the talks were so easy to understand. They were not only inspiring, but enjoyable too. New and interesting ideas were shared by the speakers in their own signature style.

Volunteer Translator for TED Talks

At the same time, TED helps bring these wonderful ideas to millions of people in their own language. There have been 119,244 translations into 115  languages by 28,759 translators. TED translators are volunteers who subtitle TED Talks to help them reach every part of the globe. It has been almost two years since I joined TED Talks as a volunteer translator. All along I have enjoyed my journey thoroughly. It has been great learning new ideas, new thoughts and such inspiring views of people.

Invited to TEDx Mile High

With fellow translators at TEDxMile High

I was certainly lucky to be one of the translators invited to TEDx Mile High in July, 2017. It was a wonderful experience to see the speakers  live. Seeing the talks on laptop and being there in person  is a whole different experience. You can feel the speaker’s emotions as they narrate their stories. One such talk that really touched me was David Baron’s talk on the total solar eclipse. I had the pleasure of translating it into Hindi too.

I was indeed blessed to have been introduced to such passionate people as Helene Batt and Helena Bower. Not to forget, the great friends I made within our wonderful group of translators.

Thanks TED Talks

To conclude, I have had a wonderful association with TED Talks so far. And I am sure it will continue to enhance my life in many ways. TED has given a whole new meaning to life. It has helped me realize my true passion, which no doubt is translation.

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