Austin Eubank’s TEDx talk on pain and addiction

The recent shooting at the Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas left us all heart broken.  A lone gunman shot dead 26 people, and injured so many others.  At this time of crisis, I am reminded of a talk on pain and addiction that I recently translated about the aftermath of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting.

Austin Eubanks at TEDx Mile High

I am so fortunate to have been able to watch this talk about pain and addiction live at TEDx Mile High, Denver. What an eye opener it is! Austin Eubanks has explained the emotional and physical pain he went through after the Columbine High school shooting. Continue reading “Austin Eubank’s TEDx talk on pain and addiction”

Selected to attend TEDWomen 2017 as a TED Translator

TEDWomen 2017

I cannot thank the Lord enough for being so generous. You guessed it… I have been selected as one of the ten translators to attend TEDWomen 2017. I am so excited to be at the historic Orpheum Theater,  in New Orleans, LA. What an honor it is for me to witness another awesome event! It is indeed a blessing to meet some of the world’s most inspiring speakers! You are welcome to have a sneak peek at the translators who have been selected.

A look at the TED Translators selected to attend TEDWomen 2017

I am looking forward to the great event. It is an opportunity of a life time that has been bestowed upon me.

Continue reading “Selected to attend TEDWomen 2017 as a TED Translator”

My journey into world of translation as Hindi translator

Anuvaadika - the Hindi Translator
Monika Saraf, A Hindi English Translator

I am so delighted that I have landed into this wonderful world of translation as a Hindi translator. I am happy to be working with Amara, TED Talks and Translators without Borders. These organizations have given me the opportunity to be what I am today. Not only have they given me tremendous opportunity, but also phenomenal content to continue and do more. And help spread their message globally in Hindi. Continue reading “My journey into world of translation as Hindi translator”

Why Quality Closed Captioning is so Important

Ever wondered what the whole idea behind Closed Captioning or Subtitling is ? When was it introduced ? What was it supposed to achieve ? Furthermore, whether it has achieved what it was supposed to ? Read more at

Here’s an awesome TedTalk about the necessity of closed captioning and if it still serves the need of the people needing assistive hearing. After the televisions were introduced first in the US, it took over 40 yrs to develop closed captioning . Moreover, it took 60 yrs to have descriptive videos for blind people and a lot has been achieved in those years.

Gary Robinson’s Talk on Closed Captioning

Listen to Gary Robson at TEDx Bozeman in Montana. The Americans With Dissabilities Act is mentioned here for relevance of CC on TV. Today closed captioning is ubiqutous and taken for granted. There are laws to make it necessary. But much needs to be done about the Quality of the subtitles or closed captioning. How does the quality factor affect the message? You need to hear from the person who describes it best, Gary Robson. You will love it !!!

English to Hindi translation mistakes, part 1, “NUKTA”

Anuvaadika, quality Hindi translation & subtitlesHindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. India is a very diverse country. There are 29 states where over 22 official languages are spoken. Each State has its own uniqueness in terms of food, culture, dresses, customs, traditions, festivals, expressions, language and more.  Even the division of states in India is based on cultural and lingual proximities. People of a state predominantly speak the same language. Hindi or English is commonly used for communication. Most people are multilingual. Continue reading “English to Hindi translation mistakes, part 1, “NUKTA””

YouTube Video Subtitles – and how to view them

Shahrukh Khan's TedTalk in Vancouver BC, 2017

YouTube Video Subtitles are easy to use and sometimes hard to find

I do a lot of translation and subtitling work for social causes each month. Those translations are done for free and as a volunteer. I want the speaker’s message to reach out to as many people in the world as possible. YouTube Video Subtitles go a long way to extend the reach of thought, idea or knowledge. They also help with accessibility. Continue reading “YouTube Video Subtitles – and how to view them”

Hello Hindi

Anuvaadika - the Hindi English Translator and SubtitlerEver wondered how popular Hindi is globally?

Let’s find that out !! It is indeed surprising to know how widely spoken and understood Hindi really is. Hindi is spoken in a lot of countries too. Besides, it is the fourth most spoken first-language in the world after Mandarin, Spanish and English. Continue reading “Hello Hindi”