Aimee Ansari speaks @TEDx Youth Bath

Aimee Ansari @ TEDx Youth Bath

Few days ago, I had the opportunity to translate a wonderful talk by Aimee Ansari at TEDx Youth Bath. She is the CEO of Translators without Borders. In her talk, she stresses the importance of access to Information in times of crisis. It needs to be provided in the right language at the right time in the right format. Communication of critical life saving information in ones local language is important. Not only this, it needs to be accessible and easily understood by the locals too.


If you are having trouble seeing the Hindi subtitles, please see Continue reading “Aimee Ansari speaks @TEDx Youth Bath”

Seven Translation fails from the year 2017

To mark the end of 2017, I just thought to share with you seven of the silliest translation fails which I have come across on the web this last month of 2017.

As a Hindi translator, it is my endeavor to deliver the best. Though I do my work seriously, this doesn’t hold true for all of us in the translation world. Many times, I work on review assignments, and often come across translation fails which do not seem to make any sense. Even if they do, they are totally irrelevant to the context. They may seem funny or weird to the reviewer, but are frustrating for the viewer.  Over to some crazy reading! Continue reading “Seven Translation fails from the year 2017”

TEDWomen 2017 – Speakers


If there was ever an event that mesmerized me to my bones and for the only reason that it had such life influencing thoughts from inspiring speakers, it was TEDWomen 2017 at New Orleans in November earlier this year.

Although each one of the talks and ideas shared were one better than the other, I have recollection of a few and those that struck with me instantly. Anushka, the 14 yr old young lady to the ever-so-graceful Leah Chase at sweet 94s spoke of their incredible stories of life. Let me share below some of the wonderful stories of these awesome speakers (mostly ladies) with you. Continue reading “TEDWomen 2017 – Speakers”