Stefania Buoni speaks at TEDx Napoli

A few weeks ago, I saw Stefania Buoni’s request for translating her TEDx Talk on (TED Tanslators FB group) Luckily, my subtitling¬† project was delayed, so I started working on this immediately.

During the course of my translation, I got in touch with Stefania on FB. There was a short chat and we connected instantly. She is such a wonderful soul doing such an inspiring work. I promised her that once the talk was approved, I will share it on my blog to help share her message across the world.

In her talk, Stefania shares what goes on in the lives and hearts of young care givers whose mum or dad suffer from mental illness.  She talks about the hopelessness, the despair, the loneliness that such little hearts have to face. This is compounded with the social stigma that surrounds mental health. She wants to reach out to all such sons and daughters around the world and tell them that there is hope. Please watch her talk and help raise awareness and bring about a change in the world.

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