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Seven Translation fails from the year 2017

To mark the end of 2017, I just thought to share with you seven of the silliest translation fails which I have come across on the web this last month of 2017.

As a Hindi translator, it is my endeavor to deliver the best. Though I do my work seriously, this doesn’t hold true for all of us in the translation world. Many times, I work on review assignments, and often come across translation fails which do not seem to make any sense. Even if they do, they are totally irrelevant to the context. They may seem funny or weird to the reviewer, but are frustrating for the viewer.  Over to some crazy reading!

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English to Hindi translation mistakes, part 1, “NUKTA”

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Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. India is a very diverse country. There are 29 states where over 22 official languages are spoken. Each State has its own uniqueness in terms of food, culture, dresses, customs, traditions, festivals, expressions, language and more.  Even the division of states in India is based on cultural and lingual proximities. People of a state predominantly speak the same language. Hindi or English is commonly used for communication. Most people are multilingual.

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Hello Hindi

Anuvaadika - the Hindi English Translator and SubtitlerEver wondered how popular Hindi is globally?

Let’s find that out !! It is indeed surprising to know how widely spoken and understood Hindi really is. Hindi is spoken in a lot of countries too. Besides, it is the fourth most spoken first-language in the world after Mandarin, Spanish and English.

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